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[Beesly's Buzzwords]

You're about to download a free demo version of Beesly's Buzzwords.
The download file size is 6.72Mb and it includes easy installer and uninstaller.

Click here to download an executable installer packet
This is the easiest way to install Beesly's Buzzwords. All you need to do is choose "Open" when prompted and then follow the instructions to install Beesly's Buzzwords to your computer.

Click here to download a zip distribution packet
Choose this option if your network doesn't allow direct downloading of executable files. Once downloaded, extract the zip file and run buzzwords.exe, which will install Beesly's Buzzwords to your computer.

If neither of the above options work for you, see below for direct download links:



Click here to buy the full version of Beesly's Buzzwords for just $19.95!

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