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You're about to download a free demo version of GAL-apagos
The download file size is 6.51Mb and it includes easy installer and uninstaller.

Click here to download an executable installer packet
This is the easiest way to install GAL-apagos. All you need to do is choose "Open" when prompted and then follow the instructions to install GAL-apagos to your computer.

Click here to download a zip distribution packet
Choose this option if your network doesn't allow direct downloading of executable files. Once downloaded, extract the zip file and run galapagos.exe, which will install GAL-apagos to your computer.

If neither of the above options work for you, see below for direct download links:




Keskustele GAL-apagosista!


Click here to buy the full version of GAL-apagos for just $19.95!

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Screenshots: Galapagos

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