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Wild West Wendy

It's a busy day at Wendy's Saloon!

Wendy's story is presented in colorful cartoons

The week's happenings at the Mystery Epitaph

Too much beer can cause some trouble, Wendy's got to watch out!

Turn the saloon into a franchise

Wild West Wendy
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wildwestwendy.exe (9.55MB)

Wendy is opening a saloon in town!

In the Wild West, sweet young Wendy, known by the railroad workers for her delicious beverages, is opening a saloon in town. Everyone is more than welcome to stop by...Just make sure you have what it takes, though, to help Wendy keep happy customers.

With three modes of play - Story, Campaign, and Time Attack - 45 levels, and eight unique characters, the fun-infused Wild West Wendy is sure to delight both game enthusiasts and lounge lizards.

This is an all new game from the makers of the popular Betty's Beer Bar! If you like BBB you'll love WWW! And if you haven't tried neither of these excellent games yet, it's time to stop reading an start playing these amazingly fun games!

The full version of Wild West Wendy features:
  • 45 levels and 8 characters!
  • Three modes of play (Story, Campaign and Time Attack)
  • Complete in-game tutorial
  • Adjust the game difficulty at will (easy, medium or hard)
  • Nine beautiful and detailed scenarios

Download a free demo.

Purchase full version of Wild West Wendy for just 14.95 EUR!

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Wild West Wendy
Size: 9.55MB
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Min. specs:
Pentium III 500MHz / 128MB
14.95 EUR
Credit card
Bank Giro

Available for

Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP

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