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Click here for FREE demo or here to purchase Simpaplex for just $19.95.

Simpaplex Simpaplex - Simple to play, hard to stop!

Simpaplex will please everybody who likes playing arcade, logic and funny cartoon-style games. The game features several dozens of different game objects, funny and amiable main character, and stunning, dynamically changing background. All of this won't let you get bored during an office break or while you are waiting for you favorite TV show. If you have little children - let them play Simpaplex and your home will get instantly filled with joy and laughter. Don't worry, the game has no bloody scenes or violence. Simpaplex is also a great birthday gift or a way to entertain your guest while they are waiting for you to finish.

In case you don't know, there is a rain master - a green worm living high in the sky. The worm's name is Mumbly, and all he ever wants to do is eating and sleeping. But things always get in the way of him eating. Sometimes droplets (he hates water) bury diamonds (his favorite food) or block off the path to them. Sometimes it's evil enemies who can't live without trying to bite this amiable worm. That's why Mumbly has to solve different puzzles or fight the enemies before he can enjoy his favorite diamond meal.

Requires: Windows 98 or newer, 300 Mhz CPU or faster, 64MB RAM

Click here for FREE demo!

Click here to purchase simpaplex for just $19.95!

Ready for a breath taking sky-walk? Turn into a voracious green worm to help Mumbly eat all the diamonds he can find. In Simpaplex, Droplets, Clouds and Thunderclouds transform into cartoonish objects any gamer will enjoy. You've never played arcade this colorful before.

Buy the full version of Simpaplex for just $19.95!

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Available for

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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