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Snowy_31647.exe.exe (10.2MB)

This is yet another brilliant example of an arcade game, where the main task is to win all of the monsters. Practically no violence included, however. Your character is a cute white bear, the environment is soothing and even the monsters themselves are funny!

You will be simply playing snowballs. Do you miss winter games much? Then this is perfect for you.

Snowy has 4 original worlds. Each world has unique graphics, monsters and bosses on the last level. Just don't relax too much.

The full version of Snowy features:
  • 88 levels of non-stop fun!
  • Four different Game Worlds
  • Cartoon-style graphics and smooth animation
  • Amusing cartoonish monsters
  • Dangerous Bosses, guarding every Game World
  • Nice dynamic special effects
  • Combos and many different ways to score, keeps a good replay value!

Snowy takes a tried-and-true concept and gives it a creative, entertaining twist: You control a cute white bear named Snowy in a strange world trying to make his way to his home to the Arctic. Interfering with his progress are amusing and silly, yet dangerous, monsters. All that Snowy has to protect himself are snowballs.

In an unusual wrinkle, you throw the snowballs at the monsters until they become a bigger snowball, and then you kick it to dispose of both it and other foes in its path. Ten different monsters and four bosses provide considerable challenge; also, if you take too long, ghosts will come to get you.

There are three levels of difficulty to accommodate all ranges of ability. You voyage through 88 levels across four distinctive worlds. The fantastic cartoon-like graphics, smooth animation and whimsical sound and music make Snowy irresistible run-and-jump fun.
- (top shareware game)

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Size: 10.2MB
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Min. specs:
Pentium II 300MHz / 64MB
$19.95 USD
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Available for

Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP

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